About us

Snake Straps, because someone said one day that the strap looks like a snake around my wrist, a Name was born.

I’m David, 30 years old from Germany, I’m a passionate semi-professional Photographer, Filmmaker and YouTuber.

I’d try to weave Paracord Wrist Straps since 2015, and used them since. I first startet with some carbine connectors and simple silver D-Rings.

I found it was very handy and had a very nice look and feel to it. Only downside, it was hard to remove when you didn’t need/want it.

As I started shooting more video, I wanted to detach it faster, to switch between Photography (with Wrist Strap) and Videography on a Gimbal or Cage (without Wrist Strap).

I also know, Peak Design has this nice quick release system but their products are so soulless, nothing custom about it, nothing personal, nothing like a Paracord Camera Wrist Strap in your favorite colors.

2017 I found out about Peak Design making connectors for their System, to use It with 3rd party brand Straps.

Here I’m now, I’m the 3rd party brand, offering you customized Paracord Wrist Straps with Peak Designs Links in every color you can imagine (well if it is available as Paracord).

Since September 2018 I moved on from an eBay Store with a 100% positive reputation to a nice new Web-Shop that offers more of what I need.
Without eBay I was able to reduce the prices, what also comes handy to you I think.

And why you can just pay with PayPal? Because I like to have it safe and fast, international I see no better way.

Have a nice day and happy shooting with your Snake Strap.